We provide battery recycling services and transport logistics expertise you can trust.

From transport logistics with our fleet of drivers to battery recycling with our trusted partners at Battery Solutions, we can help you handle the details for your lead-acid battery or lithium-ion battery recycling project.

We partner with the leaders in the battery recycling industry, Battery Solutions, to ensure your battery materials are recycled in an environmental and ethical way.

On-site or in-house, battery disassembly and recycling expertise.

Our partners at Battery Solutions provide battery recycling, services that are fully certified and follow the Responsible Recycling (R2) and the Recycling Industry Operating Standard (RIOS) guidelines.

Wondering about battery recycling in Birmingham? We work with experts in regulatory compliance who understand all chemistries of batteries and hold ourselves to a high standard so you can be confident our operational processes prioritize the health and safety of our environment and staff, while ensuring the highest quality work.

Battery Recycling Services and Capabilities

Battery Removal

We prepare your batteries for removal and handle the necessary logistics of transporting hazardous materials.

Battery Disassembly

We perform disassembly of lithium-ion EVBs and electronics containing batteries.

Battery Storage

We provide proper consolidation storage for batteries to be recycled.

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Our Safety Record and Commitment to Excellence Speak for Themselves

As a Certified Women’s Business Enterprise with more than 30 years of experience, Telecom Transport is made up of a network of logistics and recycling experts with our partners at Battery Solutions who recognize the importance of recycling and provide expert battery recycling services.

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FAQs about Battery Recycling

What are the most common types of batteries in the telecommunication industry?

The two most common battery types in the telecommunication industry are lead-acid and lithium-ion.

Lead-acid batteries are recycled at almost a 99% rate in the US. Our network of teams can take your batteries from site to processing directly or store them based on your needs.

Lithium-ion batteries have provided a lot of benefits to the telecommunication industry, but these batteries come with their own challenges.

Lithium-ion is now the primary Electric Vehicle battery. Specific safety protocol and procedures are followed for discharging, disassembly, and separation for future re-purposing.

Can you throw away batteries?

There are different types of batteries, so it’s important to understand which are recyclable and which can be thrown away. Alkaline, manganese and carbon-zinc batteries do not fall into the hazardous waste category. These can be thrown away, but are still recyclable. Rechargeable batteries should be recycled.

Why is it important to recycle batteries?

It’s important to recycle batteries because of the environmental impact the harmful metals can cause. Recycling batteries provides materials for new batteries and keeps hazardous waste out of landfills.

We partner with the leaders in battery recycling management, Battery Solutions. If you would like more information on battery recycling, here are some more frequently asked questions.

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