Our warehouse storage services in Birmingham provide secure commercial storage and inventory control for telecommunications, manufacturing, construction and retail brands.

Looking for a secure commercial warehouse to store your backstock or installation materials? Our 19,000-square-foot commercial warehouse offers a clean facility with the advantages of a large-scale distribution center.

Eliminate the stress of logistics tracking with our inventory control solutions. Let our warehouse storage services keep your construction, manufacturing, telecom, or retail stock and materials safely stored and organized

Commercial Storage and Staging Services

Commercial Storage

Our Birmingham warehouse offers a custom commercial storage solution for you, from storing materials for large-scale construction projects to keeping retail backstock accessible.

Cross Docking Services

Save time and money when you reduce storage time with our cross docking services.

Delivery Out & Receive-In

We have a variety of options for receiving and delivering your stored materials. Learn more about our trucking and transport services.

Hazardous Material Storage

We specialize in safely handling and storing hazardous materials and batteries. We can ensure proper packaging and documentation for disposition and recycling.

Inventory Control, Shipping & Receiving

We can manage your inventory and stock with our inventory control systems, including shipping and receiving.


Use our warehouse storage services in Birmingham to store your construction materials, telecommunications supplies, or manufacturing stock until you’re ready to use them.

Uncrating Service

We can save you time with your shipping or delivery inventory and remove the crating material for you.

Our Safety Record and Commitment to Excellence Speak for Themselves

With more than 30 years of experience, Telecom Transport is made up of logistics tracking experts who understand your commercial storage needs. Whether you’re storing excess inventory for your boutique or staging cable for your next construction site, we prioritize the security, safety and organization of each item stored with us.

Since we started in 1988, Telecom Transport has prioritized the safety of our staff and the materials our customers trust us with.

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FAQs About Logistics & Warehousing Services

What is cross docking?

Cross docking services are when we receive and unload materials from an inbound transportation vehicle and immediately load the materials into an outbound transportation vehicle. This occurs with very minimal storage in between the time of unloading and loading.

What is inventory control?

Inventory control or stock control is the practice of managing the stock items stored with us for our customers. This can include shipping and receiving as well.

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